Build Integration

REFLECTK was designed to be part of your application's build process. It contains tools to specify rules for your projects, to store or share them using XML and to check them during build-time. In Java-based projects the defacto standards for building applications are the Apache Ant and Apache Maven build systems.

In our resource section there a some examples rulesets that cover the following fields:

  • layer access restriction
  • code quality
  • fault detection
  • refactoring support
  • naming conventions
  • and many more

If you are interested in this aspect go to the CQL AntTask.

IDE Integration

There exist a bunch of Eclipse Plugins and Netbeans Modules that comfortably integrates REFLECTK's functionality in your favorite IDE.

The starting point for REFLECTK's Eclipse Plugins is here.

If Netbeans is your favorite IDE you better start here.

Other IDEs are currently not supported. But don't be disappointed - send use a feature request and we'll see!

Application Integration

Sometimes you'd like to analyze your application's code as part of its business logic. You need a dynamic behaviour to implement a plugin mechanism. Or you just want to find all sub classes of a certain class during execution time. REFLECTK was designed to have a small footprint with flexible extension points. Clean code with well-documented interfaces makes it easy to customize it to your needs.

If you are interested in the full-fledged capabilities, please take a look at the REFLECTK Framework.

If you don't need all of REFLECTK's functionality you can use Inspect4J library which is freeware. This library contains a very small subset of the REFLECTK framework but includes all the logic to be able to search for subclasses of a given type or all classes implementing a certain interface.